L'Oréal Groupe Joins TikTok Sharing a Behind the Scenes Look at Beauty Products

The science, innovation and tech in the world of beauty

In 2021, L'Oréal Groupe launched its first ever TikTok beauty channel. Driven by a progressive vision of the beauty industry's future, the channel uncovers the group’s science, innovations and technologies behind the world's favourite beauty products. Join the movement!

Behind the scenes of L'Oréal beauty products 

Working in collaboration with experts from L’Oréal, this new channel delivers content that combines science, innovation, tech behind beauty products– highlighting L'Oréal talents in their field of expertise and exploring trends such as augmented beauty, factory production process, green sciences.

Beauty specialists unveil and disclose the latest research and discoveries made at L'Oréal.

Spotlighting L'Oréal employees from different labs to explore the diverse talents and specialities of the global brand and a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the amazing products and innovations they're working on. Plus, viewers get an inside look at how to create specific products and watch beauty tech trials with influencers searching for their latest beauty inspiration.

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TikTok creativity meets beauty

At the channel's core is a desire to deliver entertaining and playful content like no other beauty brand before. The channel is an opportunity to engage with Generation Z, and to showcase how we are creating the future of beauty that moves the world.

Shot in a consumer-centric way, using platform’s codes, the content aims to be truly educative for the audience. Follow the journey of our beauty brands and take an inside look at L'Oréal uncovered and unfiltered.

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