Groupe Message regarding Ukraine

We strongly condemn the Russian invasion and the war in Ukraine, which is causing so much suffering to the Ukrainian people.

Our absolute priority is to support our 326 Ukrainian employees and their families whose lives have been changed so dramatically. Although some have managed to cross the border, the majority of them remain in the country under increasingly unbearable conditions. We are concerned for them and fear for their safety. 

Given the magnitude of what people are facing on the ground, our intention is to provide as much support as we can - to our employees still in Ukraine, our employees who have left or are leaving the country and the Ukrainian people.

We are supporting our employees in Ukraine with financial and psychological help.

Our teams on the ground in neighbouring countries are personally welcoming our Ukrainian colleagues who cross the border, and we are supporting them with accommodation, psychological, medical, financial and legal support.

Our employees around the world and particularly those in neighbouring countries are actively participating in relief efforts, and in response to their wish to express their solidarity to their Ukrainian colleagues, we have started a global employee fund raising campaign and volunteering program.

We are working with local and international NGOs (e.g., Red Cross), in addition to United Nations agencies (such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and UNICEF), through donations of up to 5 million euros. We have already distributed 250,000 essential care and hygiene products and will continue to provide additional products in the coming weeks.

Regarding our activity in Russia, we are fully aligned with the position of the French and European authorities. We have decided to temporarily close all our own stores and directly operated counters in department stores and to suspend all industrial and national media investments. We have also taken the decision to temporarily close our own brand e-commerce sites in Russia. We are assessing additional measures, whilst still taking care of our 2,500 Russian employees.

Our crisis committee, which has been permanently mobilized since the beginning of this war, is in daily contact with our teams on the ground and will continue to adapt our response according to the evolving situation.

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