L’Oréal opens “Real Campus, by L’Oréal” in Paris and creates the 1st Bachelor’s degree in Hairdressing...

24.01.2020 - Group

Clichy, 24 January 2020 - L’Oréal announces the opening of “Real Campus, by L’Oréal” in Paris, the first school to award a Bachelor’s degree in Hairdressing and Entrepreneurship. The course is receiving funding from the Île-de-France Region as part of the Regional Skills Investment Plan. This initiative will help create a new generation of hairdressing professionals and meet the needs of an industry undergoing major changes.

In France, there are some 10,000 job vacancies in an industry suffering from a lack of qualified workers to meet customer demand. The Bachelor’s degree in Hairdressing and Entrepreneurship aspires to make the profession more appealing to talented young people. It will offer an education adapted to the new realities of the industry by extending and diversifying hairdressers’ skills, in order to boost the employability of the second biggest artisanal trade sector in France.

Nathalie Roos, President of the Professional Products Division at L’Oréal, said: “By offering a Bachelor’s degree combining hairdressing and entrepreneurship for the first time, we want to create a high-quality course and offer talented young hairdressers of tomorrow the tools they need to innovate and reshape the customer journey. For us, it is also a societal issue: we want to promote this essential beauty profession, help young people into work and encourage entrepreneurship.”

In this new school, students will receive training in technical hairdressing proficiency as well as management, customer care and digital. The course programme was developed in collaboration with the innovation studio Schoolab and will offer students the opportunity to work on concrete projects focussed on consumer experience.

The course is open to candidates with a professional hairdressing qualification, as well as candidates with a general or vocational baccalaureate or those looking to retrain for a new career. For hairdressing newcomers, a four-week intensive course (the “Hairdressing Bootcamp”) will give them the technical level required to enrol in the school.

A pilot class of 20 students joined the campus on January 6, 2020. Over time, “Real Campus, by L’Oréal” will have 150 students per year. The students will have an apprenticeship contract, (combining coursework with practical training). They will spend the first three months of the year at the school, and then nine months at a salon.

Located at 98, rue Didot in Paris (14th arrondissement), the “Real Campus, by L’Oréal” facilities look out over an interior garden, and were designed to foster discussions, practical work and community spirit. “Instagrammable” walls will allow students to communicate through social media. A hairdressing salon inside the school will offer them the opportunity to learn about consumer experience working with real clients.



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