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L'Oréal Groupe: Ourika Community Gardens by YSL Beauté

In addition to creating job opportunities for a cooperative of women, these gardens allow YSL Beauté to observe and harvest some of the precious ingredients used in its creations. An innovative and socially responsible approach to luxury beauty.
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L'Oréal Groupe: Metal Detox, a disruptive innovation by L'Oréal Professionnel Paris

A disruptive innovation that truly changes coloration, balayage and lightening.
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L'Oréal Groupe: curl origins by Kérastase

Interview with Edine, Head Engineer for claims and product performance
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L'Oréal Visionaries: John Kiehl, Irving Morse and Aaron Morse, Founders of Kiehl’s

They reinvent the apothecary experience and become experts in natural products. They offer their consumers the opportunity to try products before they buy them to ensure it meets their needs.
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L'Oréal Groupe: Blue Beauty Manifesto video by Biotherm

At Biotherm, we live by Blue Beauty, beauty that comes from water and gives back to it.

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L'Oréal Groupe: Scan the QR Code to learn how to care for your curls with Kérastase

Curl Manifesto by Kérastase introduces an augmented reality experience in a revolutionary launch. The QR Code allows consumers and hairdressers to connect with the brand by discovering everything about the range's hair diagnostics, products, ingredients, formulas and packaging.

L'Oréal: Polo Cologne Intense Video by Ralph Lauren

Polo Cologne Intense Video by Ralph Lauren.

L'Oréal: Ralph's Club Video by Ralph Lauren

Ralph's Club video by Ralph Lauren.
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L'Oréal: Discover the YSL Beauty Zone in Shanghai

Located in Shanghai in July 2021, this unique place offered, for three days, a unique experience: a space where dancers, DJs, gamers and all those who want to transform the world could meet, exchange, think, dance and play.
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