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Commitments | Environment

More Shine in Your Hair, Less CO2 in the Air - L'Oréal

Commitments | Environment

Discover our biodiversity targets

Discover why and what we are doing to preserve biodiversity

Changing the Future of Dermatological Beauty - GlobalBrandName

At Active Cosmetics, we are changing the future of dermatological beauty Leading in skincare innovation Partnering with healthcare professionals and NGOs Providing life-enhancing products, services and support Empowering people to feel better and more confident…At every stage of life We’re changing how people take care of their skin Developing connected beauty experiences…powered by intelligent technologies Co-creating products and services with scientists, doctors and nurses Investing in pioneering research Designing safe and effective products…trusted by millions of people And recommended by thousands of dermatologists globally We’re changing our impact Playing our part by Finding ways to produce more sustainably Sourcing responsibly Packaging carefully Supporting communities around the world Respecting our consumers and partners Acting for our people and for our planet Collaborating Creating Empowering Testing Learning Improving Together …together…together…together We’re changing skin health We’re changing skin beauty We’re changing lives WE’RE CHANGING THE FUTURE OF DERMATOLOGICAL BEAUTY Freedom to go beyond, that’s the beauty of L’Oréal

Discover how Ambre solaire was born - L'Oréal

Our Product Environmental and Social Labelling - GlobalBrandName

Interview with Alexdandra Palt on L'Oréal For The Future - GlobalBrandName


Message from Lubomira Rochet, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer - L'Oréal

We are entering the second Phase of the digital Transformation - L'Oréal

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Digital a new field a new playground - GlobalBrandName

Empowering the Augmented Researcher with Data - L'Oréal

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