The art and science of skincare processing

My name is Christine Lazur. 
I've been with L'Oréal for 28 years, and I'm a Processor. 
We reconcile our raw materials into the batch that we're going to be making by scanning each raw material. 
Our batches are being continuously weighed as we add the raw material in. 
We have lots of quality checks with our process throughout. 
We look at the color, we look at their appearance, and you know, when you’re dealing with these products for many years, you know what they look like. 
And if there's something going wrong, you call the Process Expert. 
A lot of our sanitizations are automated, but my job is to check that there's nothing that we miss. 
The levels of accountabilities for us lays 90% of myself, because I'm responsible from top to bottom. 
When I sign for my batch, my name's on it for a long time. 
At the end of the day, I'm most proud of every single batch that I make. 
You can't believe that out of the drums and bags of raw materials, beautiful product would actually come out. 
Recently, I went to my dermatologist and I see our products on his shelf. 
And I was like, so excited.  
I'm saying, "I made these, you know, that I make these." 
And he is like, "Wow, that is so cool." 
So things like that excite me. 
The job is challenging, but I love it.