#Faceawoman Barbara Lavernos

Deputy CEO, Research, Innovation & Tech

An engineer by training, Barbara Lavernos joined the L’Oréal Group in 1991, where she pursued a very diverse career. In 2014, she joined the L’Oréal Executive Committee as Chief Operating Officer, dealing with packaging design, product development, purchasing and product supply for L’Oréal’s 40 factories, as well as the worldwide supply chain for over 6 billion products per year. In February 2021, Barbara Lavernos took over the newly created Department of Research, Innovation and Technologies, with a dual ambition: enabling L’Oréal to invent the Beauty of the future, while transforming itself into the Company of the future.

Barbara Lavernos believes that women of future generations need to be free to be themselves. Face a Woman gives her the chance to share her experiences with younger women, to help them overcome challenges that she has encountered herself.