Discover how we care about quality on a Roll'on production line ?

Wendy Letuppe – Packaging operator

We carry out a number of quality control checks. The first one is to check that the right amount of product is in the container for the customer. The second to test that the cap unscrews easily enough without having to use too much force.

The third is to make sure the container is sealed so we place the products in a vacuum box to check that they are well sealed. For example, if you take the plane, you can be sure your product is sealed, when you get to your destination.

Next, we have the labels. We have to check they are correctly in position, that there are no scratches, that the batch number is clear, as that is how we guarantee traceability.

Then we have to check the carton, we examine the glue and the markings on the carton. On my screen I will see a small yellow banner that lets me know that I need to carry out my checks at that exact moment.

I am in charge of my line, I am responsible for what comes off my line, so it is only right that the checks are done on time. And I am the one in charge.

I am very proud to work at L'Oréal and to supply the whole world.

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