Inside the Quality Laboratory

Catherine Maillard – Industrial chemical technician

We check all of our raw materials to make sure they correspond to the specifications provided by our laboratories and also to check that there are no particles or foreign bodies that could alter the quality of our products.

We have begun to use more and more natural and organic raw materials. This requires even more quality supervision in terms of transport and storage to ensure that no alteration occurs.

We also check the packaging of the articles and their quality, to make sure that all of the text is present. We also control the quality of the contents which involves the aspect, the colour, the smell and the more specific characteristics of the formulae, the viscosity.

We check the appearance and performance of all of our products as well as the weight and the sealing. The question of sealing is an issue with aerosols, we have to check for crimping and how they react in 50°C temperature baths.

High temperatures limit the performance of an aerosol so that is why we heat them to 50°C. For our roll-on and spray products, the level of sealing is checked through the screw caps. We are particularly careful to note the batch number as this means we have traceability, from the start to the finish of the production process. Customer satisfaction is very important to us so any complaints we receive are dealt with within two weeks.