Our Commitment To Diversity and Inclusion

At L’Oréal, we firmly believe in Diversity and Inclusion.
As beauty industry leaders, we pay particular attention to this issue because we develop products for people from around the globe.
“Beauty for All” is our mission, which means we have to meet the needs of every form of beauty in every culture.
Therefore, our teams must be as diverse and inclusive as the world itself.
We have a long history of promoting equal opportunity:
  • It’s good business.
  • D&I makes us more dynamic.
  • It increases employee well-being, powers innovation and boosts performance.
  • D&I adds value and it makes our work more meaningful.
We foster workplaces where all people of every ethnic and social background, every religion, gender, age or disability feel appreciated and valued.
In concrete terms, we are aiming to close the gender pay gap and promote more women to top positions.
Flextime is enabling our people to maintain a better work/life balance.
Awareness training programs are helping our teams create an inclusive workplace where for example people feel comfortable to disclose their disabilities.
The Group has taken great strides in this arena and we’ve been recognized for our achievements.
But progress is still to be made.
We are setting ourselves challenging, yet achievable, goals with clear metrics.
And we must not only create a more inclusive culture but more inclusive leadership as well, including initiatives to bridge the skills gap.
Diversity and Inclusion must be, now more than ever, a strategic priority.
The time for action is now.
We must work together to offer opportunity to all so that social and economic benefits can be shared more equitably.
We are counting on everyone to join us on the path to true Diversity and Inclusion.
Thank you.
Jean-Paul Agon, L’Oréal CEO and Chairman, shares the group's commitment on Diversity and Inclusion. We at L’Oréal foster workplaces where people of every socio-economic background, every religion, gender, age or disability feel appreciated and valued.