Delivering safety and consistency for our consumers

My name is Keisha Neal. 
I've been at L'Oréal for almost 23 years. 
I'm a Supply Quality Rep. 

I test finished goods and I also perform physiochemical testing. 
It's important that the color and odor is consistent because we have an approved standard. 
And before anything is released into the market, we have to adhere to that standard because most of our consumers buy the same product. 

So if they see any inconsistencies, they're not going to buy the product. 
I'm making sure that the standard and the actual item 
I'm inspecting smells the same, would have the same consistency. 

It takes a long time to master it. 
You know, everyone doesn’t really become certified in color and odor. 
So it just takes a lot of inspecting with different products. 

Each year gets better and better. 
And we also do physio testing which consists of viscosity, pH, density, centrifugation and microscopic. 
Hygiene is ensuring that I have clean PPE, I have the correct PPE when I'm testing all finished goods and ensuring that I’m inspecting one finished good at a time to avoid any cross contamination. 

What I enjoy about my role is the different challenges we face every day. 
The variety of inspections is never the same. 
I'm very passionate about making sure that I inspect the products and they're good for our consumers.