Learn more about some of the 100 Quality tests we perform on each of our products

My name is Yashee Parker. 
I'm a quality chemist working at L'Oréal Piscataway for 14 years. I'm part of a team that tests all actives and preservatives on products that we receive.  
Most quality testing uses an analytical method instrument, HPLC, that separates, identifies, and quantifies each component in the formula.
We're confirming the concentrations that are claimed or listed in the ingredients.  
Preservative testing is integral to ensure the preservation of the formula in the products. 
I'm most proud of contributing to the enhancement and creating products within a healthy specification range that create confidence and contribute to beauty within all genders. 

My name is Andy Demianicz.  
I'm one of the microbiologists at the Piscataway plant of L'Oréal USA. 
On a daily basis, we are testing the raw materials, bulks, and finished good products, as well as ensuring that environmental testing is being performed. 

One of the more important functions of our job is environmental monitoring, a process where we monitor the plant to make sure the standards set in our plant is at the highest level. 
We monitor the air, the water, the particulates 
on a monthly to yearly basis. 

To me, hygiene is a standard set at the highest level possible for finished good production. 
It's not just finished good but it's just any production produced at the plant. 
We always try to achieve better each time we produce the products. 

So what are we looking to towards the future is to improve the turnaround time so that when the product is produced, we can achieve a faster turnaround to our consumers. 

The coolest part about working at L'Oréal is that we are consumer-centric. 
We are trying to produce the best quality product for the people that are buying these products.