The Fondation L'Oréal


Science and beauty have been the pillars of the Fondation L'Oréal's work since 2007. The Fondation is using its passion and expertise in these two fields to drive and deliver major projects and change mind-sets, behaviors and ultimately, the world. 

Supporting women at the frontiers of science, highlighting their work and giving them the platform they deserve, helping vulnerable members of the community to rebuild their lives, offering those without training a way back to work—every one of the Fondation’s programmes addresses a basic, vital need. There is no doubting the enormity of the task, but we are getting there.

Take our iconic For Women in Science programme, which is channeling female creativity into every scientific discipline and working to establish real parity, bringing together a community of passionate, inspiring women who support each other. The addition of the For Girls in Science programme means that female high school students are now also rallying under the banner of science thanks to the excellent work that our ambassadors are doing at the grass roots level.

Meanwhile, the Beauty for a Better Life programme is about helping vulnerable groups feel better and do better. Through beauty, this initiative makes a pivotal contribution to rebuilding confidence and getting lives back on track. We fund beauty and wellness treatments in medical and social settings as a way of helping vulnerable individuals on their path to recovery and supporting them to become part of our society again, knowing that physical appearance plays a fundamental role in boosting self-esteem, fighting spirit and social belonging. Finally, our Beauty For a Better Life programmes are also helping vulnerable people in more than 25 countries access employment by providing high quality training opportunities in different beauty professions.

The Fondation L'Oréal is committed to working on international solutions to international challenges. Thanks to our network of long-term partnerships, our flagship programmes now have a global reach.
Some causes call for total, lasting commitment. The causes that the Fondation L'Oréal supports are both useful and inspiring. They lift our spirits, raise our ambitions and give meaning to what we do. They inspire our employees to play their part in ensuring that their company is an excellent citizen. They are L’Oréal’s “intangible capital”. 
Our Fondation is taking on the global, societal challenges of our times by making life better and the world more beautiful—every day.