Fabrice Megarbane
President ‐ L'Oreal China

Born in 1974, at L’Oréal since 2000.

Fabrice Megarbane comex

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Fabrice joined the Group in 2000, in the Professional Products Division in France and has since achieved a very successful track record. He was appointed General Manager of L'Oréal Lebanon in 2008, becoming the youngest Country General Manager at age 34. In a difficult market and in a complex envrionment, he demonstrated great qualities of vision, leadership, courage and commitment. Building on this success, Fabrice was promoted to CDP's Zone Director for ZAMO in 2011, working alongside Geoff Skingsley and then Alexandre Popoff. In this region, which is important for the future of the Group, Fabrice once again demonstrated his strategic and operational qualities, which are reflected in the acceleration of our growth in these markets and in the development of new subsidiaries with a promising future. In 2015, Fabrice was appointed General Manager of L'Oréal Germany, one of the Group's largest subsidiaries. His new responsability was once again crowned with great success. In this very competitive market, L'Oréal gained market share and strengthened its leadership. In 2019, Fabrice became the president of L'Oréal China, which he leads with inspiration and write, with the Chinese teams, a new chapter of the tremendous development of this business, which plays a major role in the Group's future.