l’oréal receives an award for its outstanding number of subsidiaries with gender equality certifications in europe

On the 28th of November 2014, L’Oréal was awarded for its outstanding rollout of gender equality certifications in Europe. Since the launch of the GEES (Gender Equality European Standard) label in 2010, 24 of L’Oréal’s subsidiaries have obtained the certification. The GEES certification is granted by an external auditor, who reviews all activities that promote gender equality during a one-day audit. Every two years the audit is renewed to monitor the progress and define new action plans.

- 2011 + renewal 2013
L’Oréal Group, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, UK and Ireland

- 2012 + renewal 2014
Poland, Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia

- 2014
Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Romania

The Arborus Fund organized the awarding ceremony in the National Assembly in Paris. During this day, L’Oréal representatives shared good practices on gender equality with other companies and participated in a panel discussion about the evolution of the topic in Europe. The label was founded by the Arborus endowment Fund in 2010. As one of the founding members, L’Oréal was among the first companies to obtain a GEES certificate and has today the largest number of certified subsidiaries in Europe. In addition to the European label GEES; the International Diversity team is also encouraging subsidiaries to undergo gender equality certifications if it exists in their countries. As such, additional non-European subsidiaries are undertaking certification processes, and L’Oréal Mexico and L’Oréal USA have already obtained gender equality labels. Gender is one of the main strategic pillars of L’Oréal’s International Diversity policy that also includes Disability and Origins (Social and Ethnic). The management of diversity is a strategic lever for L’Oréal. The Group is enriched by differences, understanding that creative teams are diverse and bring innovation. This is an essential cornerstone of the economic performance of the Group.