the 4th edition of l’oréal “disability inititative trophies” 2014. fostering inclusion of disability in the workplace

On Thursday October 30, L’Oréal Chile, L’Oréal Nigeria and L’Oréal Hong Kong were distinguished with the L’Oréal "Disability Initiative Trophies” Global finals, presented by Jean-Paul AGON, Chairman and CEO of L’Oréal.

The Global finals of the 4th edition of the "Disability Initiatives Trophies” 2014 ended a yearlong series of regional finals that resulted in more than 80 projects submissions from all 65 L’Oréal subsidiaries.

As the world's leading beauty group, L’Oréal must set the example in terms of inclusion of disability in the workplace. To help reach this objective, the “Disability Initiatives Trophies” were launched in 2008 to recognize and award actions and progress on this topic.

What are the "Disability Initiative Trophies"?
The “Disability Initiatives Trophies” (DIT) is an internal competition that recognizes subsidiaries efforts to foster inclusion of disability in the workplace. Held every two years since 2008, the trophies evolved from France only to International in 2012, with 14 countries participating. In 2014, the DIT’s were truly global for the first time, growing to all 65 subsidiaries submitting at least one project that fosters disabilities in the workplace.

The implementation of a new DIT format, first by semi-finals in each geographic Zone: The Americas, Europe (West and East), Africa & Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, resulted in the more than 80 projects submissions. All projects then went through a review process with a six member jury for each zone, comprised of both L’Oréal managers and external experts on the subject of Disability.
The semi-finals resulted in 17 countries selected to move to the next level, the Global finals: 5 from The Americas (USA, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Central America), 6 from Europe (France, UK&Ireland, Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Romania), 3 from Africa & Middle East (Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria), and 3 from Asia-Pacific (China, Hong Kong, New Zealand).
This new DIT by regions helped to reveal each countries potential to concretely act on the subject of disability in their workplace.

The projects focused on promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace, workforce and marketplace and were concentrated in strategic areas such as recruitment, innovation, partnership, training and consumer consideration.

Beyond receiving a trophy, the DIT concept serves to mobilize countries around the subject, gives them a forum to share their good practices and to learn from each other. The DIT also recognizes all the tremendous work done by many different teams within the Group.

The inclusion of disability is a top priority for L’Oréal, as stated by Jean-Paul AGON, L’Oreal Chairman and CEO “We must also be a leader in the field of disability. With these initiatives all over the world, we are reasserting that disability is not a side issue, or an issue of secondary importance. It is important for our group and also for its performance. Because looking beyond the disability, you must look at abilities.”

Disability is one of the main strategic pillars of L’Oréal’s International Diversity policy that also includes Gender and Origins (Social and Ethnic). The management of diversity is a strategic lever for L’Oréal. The Group is enriched by differences, understanding that creative teams are diverse and bring innovation. This is an essential cornerstone of the economic performance of the Group.