L'Oréal in Indonesia

November 2012
Present in Indonesia since 1979, today L’Oréal is the cosmetics industry's most dynamic player.

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Present in Indonesia since 1979, today L’Oréal is the cosmetics industry's most dynamic player. The Group currently records over 30% market growth every year, or almost double the average business growth in the sector. Indonesia is more than a promising market. It is also an important production center for the Group. The Group has operated a regional production facility there since 1986 and the installation is the seat of production for the entire region with 70% slated for export.

Another key advantage for the L'Oréal Group is distribution. L’Oréal is the only cosmetics company that is present in all distribution channels: from hair salons and beauty institutes to traditional shops, and from mass retail to selective channels, L'Oréal brands are accessible to the entire Indonesian population. L’Oréal offers a complete portfolio of fifteen international brands with complementary pricing and positioning to satisfy the specific needs of a demanding and diversified clientele.

Although the two most prominent consumer brands in the market are inarguably L’Oréal Paris and Maybelline New-York, the success of Garnier in Asia is one of the Group's finest accomplishments. As the number two brand in whitening products, the development of “Garnier Light Complete”a product range specific to Indonesian skin also offers Indonesian consumers a wide range of affordable and innovative products. Professional brands like Matrix, Kérastase and L’Oréal Professionnel are also very popular in the salons, making this group the leader within this high added-value market. Lastly, the luxury cosmetics sector that includes renowned brands such as Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent, and Kiehl’s continue to show a steady year-to-year growth.

Despite the challenge, the overall success of L’Oréal in the Indonesian market is a testament to its continuous growth and ambitious objectives. This ultra-dynamic market in the heart of the ASEAN region features a considerable reservoir of potential consumers and is of strategic interest for the Group. Conquering these one billion new consumers within a span of ten years is part of the L’Oreal Group’s strategy.