Italy’s "Zero CO2 emissions" project

Thanks to this ambitious project, the Settimo Torinese production site in Italy will be able to run solely on renewable energies. An unparalleled, innovative public-private partnership.

  • Ribbon-cutting at the inauguration of the urban heating system (with P. Bonfanti, G. Gallo, A. Corgi

    Ribbon-cutting at the inauguration of the urban heating system (with P. Bonfanti, G. Gallo, A. Corgiat).

  • Heating system machine at the Settimo Torinese plant

    Heating system machine at the Settimo Torinese plant.

  • Fructis shampoo packaging line

    Fructis shampoo packaging line.

  • Mascara packaging center

    Mascara packaging center.

  • Mascara packaging line.

When the project is finalised, L’Oréal Italy will have not only exceeded the group’s targets with regard to CO2 emissions, but also the requirements set out as part of the Kyoto Protocol and the Durban agreements on global warming.

When the project was presented, Giorgina Gallo, General Manager of L’Oréal Italy stated, “On our Settimo site, we have already reached a number of important targets in terms of environmental responsibility. Today, we have set ourselves a new challenge, with backing from the local authorities - who have always supported us - to make our production site more environmentally friendly and respectful of its surrounding communities.” Corrado Clini, Italian Minister of the Environment added, “L’Oréal’s corporate project is one of the most outstanding examples of investment in industrial and environmental best practices. It symbolises this new “green economy”, the only viable economic model today.”

Key Figures

  • 7,800 tons of CO2 savings per year

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The “Zero CO2 emissions” project reflects L’Oréal’s core commitments to halve its CO2 emissions by 2015 and is the result of close cooperation between L’Oréal Italy, the commune of Settimo Torinese and Pianeta, a company specialised in energy savings. Based in Settimo Torinese, this initiative is an unparalleled, innovative example in Italy of a public-private partnership that combines respect for the environment, sustainable development and energy savings.

With a mix of eco-friendly solutions based on three types of renewable energies, the Settimo Torinese production centre - L’Oréal’s leading plant in product volume terms - is set to become totally self-sufficient from an energy point of view. The very innovative scheme combines cutting-edge solar panels with the use of biomass and the urban heating network. It will ensure that the site is provided with a continuous supply of energy that is “100% clean”, whether during the night or in overcast conditions. In this way, with the support of the commune and Pianeta, the Settimo-Torinese site will be able to save more than 7,800 tons of CO2 each year.

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