L'Oréal commits to phase out all polyethylene microbeads from its scrubs by 2017

L’Oréal is strongly committed to improve its environmental impact and has decided to no longer use microbeads of polyethylene in its scrubs by 2017.

Microbeads of polyethylene (i.e microplastics) are small particles that are used as scrubs in three types of cosmetics products (exfoliants, cleansers, shower gel) for their unique cleansing properties and more gentle sensation. Since L’Oréal has been aware of possible concerns about the environmental impact of microbeads of polyetylene in its scrubs, the Group’s Research examined the issue and decided to gradually phase them out.

The phasing out of an ingredient is a complex process. It requires the analysis & identification of viable alternative(s) that can meet many criteria (including human & environmental safety, efficacy, sustainable sourcing of the raw material and overall costs). The Group is looking for natural alternatives (for e.g : mineral particles, fruit seeds) that can provide for the same efficacy and safety as before. The phasing out will be first achieved for Biotherm (2014) and The Body Shop (2015) before being extended to all the Group’s portfolio in 2017.

L’Oréal’s commitment to reduce its impact on the environment is longstanding. Since 1995, L’Oréal has a research laboratory dedicated to assessing the impact of its formulae on the marine environment.

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