Metier of the month: Spotlight on Research & Innovation

Saga RH Episode 2 - focus sur la recherche et l'innovation

For L’Oréal, beauty is above all a scientific adventure. This principle is reflected in the key role played by its Research & Innovation division, which deploys its teams all around the world to dream up and create the products for tomorrow. In fact, the L’Oréal Group was founded by a researcher and relies on the Research & Innovation department to continue to innovate and keep its place as the #1 beauty company in the world.

This tremendous feat involves 4,009 researchers in some 30 disciplines, and 4 main branches: advanced research (developing knowledge in the major scientific fields related to L’Oréal’s business and the creation of predictive evaluation models), applied research (creating formulae and developing new product concepts), development (developing new formulae for providing the brands with safe, innovative products) and support functions (regulatory affairs, patents, customer surveys, etc.).

This month, discover three testimonials from our Research & Innovation profiles.


As the head of makeup labs in the USA, Anke is inspired every day by the world around her for new and interesting ways to give an added value to L’Oréal products.


Diego searches for the best formulae to meet consumer needs while at the same time searching for innovative technologies to improve product performance.


Jonathan works on the development of new technologies for different brands and enjoys how quickly he can take an idea and go straight into the laboratory to test it.


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