“Hair Force 14” advertising film marks Vivelle DOP’s communication revolution !

vivelle dop

For the launch of its new hyper-holding styling gel Résine (strength 14), Vivelle DOP has chosen to release a disruptive short film to strike its young consumers (15-25 years old).

Developed in collaboration with one of the web’s hottest comedy content producers, Golden Moustache, Vivelle DOP seeks to reconnect with its core audience by offering an original and funny 4-minute film.

This strategic audience, bored with repetitive brand messages and standardized TV commercials, is largely migrating towards digital media to find more original and relevant content.

As a result, Vivelle DOP has just deployed an innovative multichannel strategy : a 10 second TVC teaser redirects the consumer towards the full 4-minute video on Youtube or the brand’s own Social Media pages, operating a shift between classical television advertising and new digital media.

This ambitious strategy has already generated impressive results:
- The 2nd best ad on Youtube France (3 million views in 3 weeks)
- An incredibly high engagement rate, 7 times higher than the average rate, with over 20,000 likes and 2,200 shares
- A communication success that has already translated into commercial success and is very promising. In only 1 week since the film broadcast, Résine Gel’s market share has doubled!

Discover our success story now!