Four Must-Know Career Tips from L’Oréal Recruiters

L’Oréal’s Talent Acquisition team give their top tips for furthering your career.


1.Get out of your comfort zone
For Frédérique Scavennec, International Head of Talent Acquisition at L’Oréal, daring to take risks and stepping outside your comfort zone is the first step to seizing career opportunities.

2.Be strategic
Human Resources Director Michael Kienle says you shouldn’t necessarily take the first job offer that comes along: it’s important to have a long-term view and a carefully planned career strategy.

3.Accept feedback and criticism
For Laure Chaffanjon, Recruitment Director at L’Oréal, maintaining a certain level of humility allows you to really listen to feedback, act on it and take your career to the next level.

4.Balance purpose and pleasure
Purpose pushes you to overcome challenges in your career while pleasure motivates you in your daily tasks, says L’Oréal Brazil’s Talent Acquisition Manager Tallita Fahl Kemmer. Find the perfect balance and you’re all set.

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