L'Oréal Scientific Publication on pollution impact on the skin awarded by IFSCC
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This original rigorous paper has been awarded as the Best Paper in 2015 by the International Federation of Cosmetic Science Society (IFSCC).

International Journal of Cosmetic Science is a well-known scientific journal published by the French and British Societies of Cosmetic Science –SFC & SCS referenced in several databases: medline, pubmed, scopus… It is a high reference for cosmetic science in the world, with an impact factor of 1.45, ranking 34/61 in dermatology.

Pollution, skin & science in Mexico

The article reveals that skin is affected by air pollution. 

One hundred and eighty-nine healthy volunteers were enrolled to this study in Mexico city (polluted area), and Cuernavaca (non-polluted area). The study demonstrated significant quantitative and qualitative modifications : sebum excretion, lower level of vitamin E, squalene in sebum, and superficial biochemical properties.

L’Oréal scientists brought many highlights to the pollution impact on the skin, by using a number of biochemical markers, and by a deep understanding how the pollution is considered. 

The next step is to understand more deeply the environment induced damages, in order to develop skin aging prevention routines and products.

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Further study on pollution was also conducted in China and it confirmed Mexico study results. Besides, studies in laboratories showed the synergistic effect of UVA and pollution on  lipid peroxidation compared to UVA or pollution alone (more particularly on squalene and sebum). 


Oxidization of squalene, a human skin lipid: a new and reliable marker of environmental pollution studies

Shanghai study, Full open access paper

Best paper award communication on IFSCC announcement