Smart Data for emotional cosmetics. Modeling for sustainable innovation.
Research & Innovation

From the first concepts to the launch of products, satisfying the beauty needs of all, the science behind formula is getting smart thanks to digital. 

Smart data

Before mixing the ingredients in real lab situation, formulators team up with data scientists, in order to design predictive tools to shorten the time to the market of products meeting consumer needs, bringing emotion and reducing environmental footprint. 

The idea is to use and reuse the data in the smart way.

Thanks to computing and “Design of Experiments”, formula are challenged with efficacy, environmental impact, and cost concerns.

But the human factor is still the most important in the study design.

Consumer-centric approaches are at the stake. Smart data is about choosing the right performance predictive indicators, in order to satisfy the consumer needs. The “sensometrics” tools are being used in order to measure objectively sensory performance of the formulas. 

L’Oréal R&I team was invited to present these approaches during the statisticians scientific meeting AGROSTAT. 

Two of our scientists gave presentations in Sensometrics and Risk & Process sessions in Switzerland, in March 2016.

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