Quinoa husk extract wins an award during the Sustainable Beauty Awards
Sustainable development


L’Oréal was awarded on the 24th of October in the Sustainable Beauty Awards category “sustainable ingredient” thanks to its quinoa husk extract. This award is organized by Organic Monitor who gives recognition every year to the companies that innovate in sustainability within the beauty industry.

An iconic ingredient of sustainable innovation at L’Oréal
Quinoa husk (the shell that protects the seed) was previously considered as a waste of agro-food industry and was therefore not used…until L’Oréal researchers have shown the interesting exfoliating properties in cosmetics contained in this ingredient!

Therefore, L’Oréal has developed a sustainable sourcing project with its local partners in Bolivia. Today, this programme allows 250 families of Bolivian growers to benefit from training in sustainable farming practices and, from an additional income.

As part of the 2020 objectives of the Sharing Beauty With All programme, we have committed to improve the environmental or social profile of 100% of our products. L’Oréal therefore favours the use of renewable raw materials that are sustainably sourced or derived from green chemistry.
Quinoa husk is a shining example of this sustainable innovation programme. It is used by Kiehl’s in its Nightly Refining Micro Peel Concentrate.

To find out more: http://www.sharingbeautywithall.com/en/innovating/respecting-biodiversity