L'Oréal USA Illuminates Husdon River Park with Four-Mile Sustainable Lighting Installation
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“Lights by L’Oréal” Investment to Make Park a Safer Place for New York City Community

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L’Oréal USA announced an investment to replace the lights throughout Hudson River Park in New York City with more sustainable alternatives. In collaboration with the nonprofit, Friends of Hudson River Park, L’Oréal will upgrade all 354 light poles from metal halide to sustainable LED bulbs along the Park’s esplanade, which spans nearly four miles along Manhattan’s west side, stretching from Battery Park to West 59th Street. The first LED bulb was installed in July on Pier 45 in Greenwich Village, and installation will continue incrementally throughout the Park’s 150 land acres until completion this month.

"As new residents of the West Side at Hudson Yards, it’s particularly important for us to give back to our vibrant new neighborhood," said Frederic Rozé, President & CEO of L’Oréal USA. "We are proud that the Lights by L’Oréal program will make the beautiful Hudson River Park an even safer and more sustainable place for our employees and the community to enjoy.”

The new LED lights have a life span of 50,000 hours, five times longer than traditional bulbs, with the power of up to 5,400 bare lamp lumens. The installation will make bike lanes, walkways and piers safer and more enjoyable for visitors after sunset.
Additional benefits of the program include:

●      A reduction in CO2 emissions by approximately 350,000 pounds per year, the equivalent of nearly 230 barrels of gasoline burned
●      A savings for Hudson River Park of nearly $20,000 per year in traditional bulb replacements
●      A reduction of energy use, with lights automatically powering on at dusk when lux levels drop below 500 and shut off when they go above 700
●      A safer experience for the millions of patrons each year who take advantage of the city’s second largest park

“We are excited to partner with L'Oréal USA on this project and look forward to providing the community with an eco-friendly alternative to lighting our pathways for patrons that live, work and play in or near the park day or night,” says Gregory Boroff, Executive Director at Friends of Hudson River Park.

“As an advocate for both safety and sustainability in Hudson River Park, I am grateful for L’Oréal’s generous contribution. This is a huge win for individuals and families who call the Lower West Side home,” said long-time Tribeca resident and Manhattan Youth President Bob Townley, who is also a CB1 Board Member and Chair of the Hudson River Park Trust Advisory Council.

L’Oréal USA’s contribution aligns with the company’s ongoing Sharing Beauty With All sustainability efforts. This global program was designed to incorporate more sustainable practices across every facet of the business, to meet current and future social and environmental challenges. Under this strategy, L'Oréal has made a global commitment that by 2020 it will reduce its CO2 emissions in the United States by 60 percent from its 2005 baseline. L'Oréal USA reached this goal at the end of 2015 and will continue to accelerate its carbon reduction strategy.