L’Oréal founding member of the Responsible Mica Initiative


L’Oréal pursues its commitment to sourcing sustainable mica in India and is actively contributing to the recently created Responsible Mica Initiative along with the other founding members.

In the face of the economic and social challenges, L’Oréal has committed to remaining in India and has implemented a responsible procurement policy to ensure the traceability and transparency of its supply chain. Thanks to these efforts, our supply chain of Indian mica is now almost completely secured.

L’Oréal is convinced that multi-stakeholders actions with all the industries involved are essential to ensure long-term solutions. L’Oréal has therefore actively supported the launch of the Responsible Mica Initiative, which builds upon the summit organized in India in February 2016.

Through this unique initiative, the 21 association members representing different industrial sectors - including L’Oréal, and NGOs have demonstrated their commitment to collectively bringing solutions for a sustainable mica sourcing. A 5-year action plan will be set up in order to ensure the full traceability of the supply chain and to improve over time the living and working conditions of the local communities highly dependent on mica.

To learn more about our sustainable mica procurement policy click here 

To find out more about the Responsible Mica Initiative: http://www.responsible-mica-initiative.com/