Garnier Introduces Micellar Water Innovation: Three Simple Steps to Fresh and Clean Skin

Garnier officially launches its innovative face cleanser that has been long awaited by Indonesian women, Garnier Micellar Water. The Micellar technology allows Garnier to arrive with allin-one cleansing water that is crystal clear, mild, and gentle like water, but able to cleanse makeup and dirt.

Launch Garnier micellar water Indoniesia

With Pevita Pearce, Garnier Indonesia invites women to try this facial cleanser technological innovation: a practical and pleasant way to clean the face for cleaner, fresher, and more natural results. Now you don’t need to worry about the cleanliness of your face anymore.

Micellar technology in Garnier Micellar Water contains tiny magnet-like particles, which is called micelle. Micelle works gently to lift away dirt and make up so there is no harsh rubbing needed. The Garnier Micellar Water formula also hydrates the skin, giving that mild and soft feel while cleansing the face. With no rinsing needed, simply by 3P (Pour, Press, Proof), Garnier Micellar Water works practically in cleaning and treating your skin. If the face is cleansed well and thoroughly, the potential for the appearance of acne will reduce. The face will noticeably be cleaner, softer, and still feels comfortable. Garnier Micellar Water is suitable for all skin types as it’s available in two variants, for normal to oily skin and normal to sensitive skin.

Reny K. Agustia, Marketing Manager Garnier, PT L’Oréal Indonesia revealed “cleansing the face by rubbing it harshly for the dirt to be removed entirely is not a good habit. However, if the face is not perfectly clean it can clog the pores and trigger acne, while the wrong treatment can result in a rough, dry, and irritated skin. Departing from this problem, we launch Garnier Micellar Water, the latest innovation in a form of clear water that is capable of cleansing your face fast and easy yet leaving it soft and clean.”

“What unique and innovative from Garnier Micellar Water is its very light texture, like water. Quickly taking off all dirt from the skin, from dust to makeup effectively, is now as easy as pour, press, proof – with no rinsing needed! We want to take Indonesian women’s concerns off of their face cleanliness while turning their face-cleansing routine into a pleasant experience and something to look forward to after a whole day of activities. This is the time for Indonesian women to try the Garnier Micellar Water innovation and see for themselves the benefits and ease of cleansing the face with fast, clean, fresh, and natural results,” mentioned Pandu Brodjonegoro, Group Product Manager, Garnier Skin Care, PT L’Oréal Indonesia.

Pevita Pearce has also proven the ease of cleansing ritual with Garnier Micellar Water. As a public figure, Pevita knows that face cleansing is very important especially to avoid the many skin problems that can interfere with her appearance.

"During my activities, I am often exposed to makeup and dirt that really makes me feel uncomfortable. Sometimes even after cleansing the face, I can still feel excess on my skin that I need to wipe off a few more times to make it entirely clean. I am worried that it will damage my skin. Now since Garnier Micellar Water is in Indonesia, my life is much easier. It’s because Garnier Micellar Water is so easy to use and cleanses my face real fast. I am also relieved from my worries because, not only clean, my skin is also refreshed. Now you don’t have to worry about facial skin problems and wait no longer to feel the benefits of Garnier Micellar Water. Your wait is over! Garnier Micellar Water is finally in Indonesia!” expressed Pevita Pearce, Brand Ambassador Garnier Sakura White

“More and more Indonesians are shopping via e-commerce. In order for Garnier Micellar water to be enjoyed by women across Indonesia, Garnier did its first launch of the product by working exclusively with Lazada, and to be followed by other e-commerce channels. This is a form of adjustment in our marketing strategy in order to have a broader reach to all Indonesian women,” stated Reny K. Agustia, Marketing Manager Garnier, PT L’Oréal Indonesia Garnier.