What Do L’Oréal and Sports Have In Common?

The fifth consecutive L’Oréal World Cup kicked off last weekend in Madrid, Spain.


L'Oréal's World Cup 2017 brought together 14 different L'Oréal countries in Madrid last weekend, for a few fun-fueled days of football and volleyball! Not only does the event bring employees together, it truly reflects some of the values that are held high at L'Oréal: ownership, respect, perseverance, relationship building and leadership.

Personal involvement and ownership matter on and off the field. As in business, it matters whether teams are well trained, skilled and motivated. At L’Oréal teams get together as many times as possible, sometimes kicking off their football or volleyball training at 7AM just before their day to day work at L’Oréal. Due to players having different agendas and being spread in different cities, it is a challenge to find the right moment to play together. But high commitment levels and common passion mean a great team spirit, great training sessions and overall a very strong performing team.


When playing a team sport, it's important to learn how to respect others even when their opinion differs. Learning how to diplomatically and respectfully disagree with the opinions of  peers and coaches is an essential skill that helps L’Oréal employees negotiate what they want in their career.
“We have a relationship based on mutual respect. It’s very easy to work together. We play to enjoy and to share our free time with colleagues in a different atmosphere and environment to bond.”Enrique, L’Oréal Spain Finance


It’s also no secret that the path to career success can be riddled with obstacles and discouragement, much like playing a sport. Learning how to face obstacles head on, working past them and reaching goals are all indispensable. In fact, there may be no better way to craft perseverance and determination than to jump into an unfamiliar sport, set goals and remain determined to reach them.


It's all about relationship building at L’Oréal. A great university background whether in engineering, science or business may not help to kick the ball better, but being part of a football/ volleyball club at L’Oréal will help in appreciating and understanding tactics, working in groups with people from different divisions and countries, building team spirit and developing discipline. The experience on the field gives so much more: spending such quality time with colleagues gives the confidence to carry out day to day work with ease knowing that memorable moments have been shared with the teams across the world.

“On a team, it’s not the strength of the individual players, but the strength of the team and how they all function together.”Enrique, L’Oréal Spain Finance



Long-term strategy and proper tactics are two key elements that make a business successful. As with success in business, victory on the field requires a leader who promotes teamwork, tenacity, perseverance and, above all else, the unrelenting desire to win. L'Oréal employees are the coaches to the wider teams training, inspiring and motivating everyone in the team to become the best version of themselves while developing their leadership skills on and off the field.

“Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard work, which is the price all of us pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.”


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