L’Oréal launches world-first app to master unique company culture

As part of the strategic onboarding program for all newcomers worldwide, L’Oréal has developed the world’s first mobile application with the sole purpose of empowering newcomers to understand, decode and master the unique company culture at L’Oréal.

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A breakthrough in the world of Digital Human Resources, and reaching up to 10 000 new hires per year in 11 different languages, newcomers globally now have access to their own “pocket coach” to help them navigate the rich and inimitable L’Oréal culture.

Throughout 2016, a global collaboration effort with a large number of newcomers in over 30 countries took place to create the content for the app. Newcomers expressed the positives and challenges of each cultural aspect through videos and written testimonials, giving honest and practical advice.

The app concept is as follows:

• There are capsules of content on topics such as entrepreneurship, agility, networking and cooperation.
• Each capsule contains a mixture of text, photos, videos, testimonials, quizzes and mini-games
• Gamified, newcomers play and earn points to ultimately become a #CultureGuru
• Newcomers complete real-life “missions” linked to the capsules in order to put their learning into practice on-the-job
• As they progress, newcomers win “Insider Secrets” (an interesting fact, story, myth or legend about L’Oréal which is only known by those “on the inside”)

Totally bite-sized, newcomers complete the app by playing with it for just 5-10 minutes per day for their first month at L’Oréal. Entirely mobile, newcomers have the freedom to choose when and where they want to learn including during a “productive escape” from their day job, which L’Oréal strongly encourages.

While an app alone cannot possibly capture the full complexity of a company culture, it is a bold start, not to mention a big leap forward in the world of digital learning. The power of the app is only further amplified when it is paired with other initiatives within L’Oréal’s powerful learning eco-system, such as culture-decoding seminars, e-learnings, MOOCs, learning games, mentoring and buddying programs.

L’Oréal’s massive investment into refining their management practices, and their desire to continue being one of the top ranking employers of today, made this application means another big step forward for L’Oréal. It's a progress to better support and onboard new employees all throughout the world.