L’Oréal completed the reformulation of its wash-off products using plastic microbeads as cleansing or exfoliating agents
Sustainable development

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Plastic debris in the marine environment and waterways is a subject of concern for L’Oréal. In accordance with our commitment, L’Oréal no longer uses plastic microbeads as cleansing or exfoliating agents in its wash-off products.

The reformulation has been completed, nevertheless a few products containing microbeads could still be present on the market. All new formulae will soon be available widely, using alternative ingredients either alone or in association, such as minerals like clays or powder of fruits kernels.

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The cosmetic industry is also acting proactively on that matter as recently recalled by Cosmetics Europe, though it is said to be an extremely minor potential contributor to the total amount of aquatic plastic litter.

L’Oréal will remain attentive to new scientific developments in this field and is committed to working in collaboration with all the stakeholders.