"Beauty in" France

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“Beauty In” is a series of campaigns that support the diversity of beauty and its rituals around the world. Each edition highlights a new destination by using videos, infographics and photos to represent the ways of life, the beauty rituals and the culture of its inhabitants. 

This edition is a very special campaign as it showcases the birthplace of L’Oréal, the country that nurtured the beginnings of the #1 Beauty Company today, a place renowned for its culture, its art, as well as its beauty, France.

A top international tourist destination and home to the fashion capital of the world, Paris is overflowing with beauty and rituals to uncover. French beauty stereotypes are well known worldwide and words like elegant, chic, sophisticated and stylish are always associated with this culture.  

To find out what beauty really means to the French, click below on the "Beauty in France" edition and discover more about this captivating and charming country.



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