“Science is in the Hair” with L’Oréal Paris
Hair Summit

L'Oréal Paris opened the doors of the Global Hair Research Center in Paris, for the very first Hair Summit. An unprecedented event at the heart of hair science for journalists, influencers and consumers.

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L’Oréal Paris gives a private tour of its labs 
With white lab coats and safety goggles on, participants coming from more than 15 countries got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at L’Oréal’s laboratories, where science magically turns into hair care and beauty! Guests had the opportunity to learn about haircare product formulation and performance assessment. With the unveiling of an innovative Virtual Reality movie developed for over a year and a half, the brand’s hair experts took guests on a “Hair Odyssey”, allowing them to dive into the scalp and understand the hair fiber genesis for the first time. Throughout the day, the media, the influencers and the consumers discovered scientific truths behind the hair fiber as well as the mysteries that researchers and scientists have yet to solve. 

Expertise, Experience and Transparency at the core 
Pioneering innovation in beauty since 1909, L'Oréal was proud to share more than 100 years of scientific knowledge behind hair, haircare ingredients, formulae and products. The intervention of several experts along the day highlighted this expertise. This event however, was about more than just hair knowledge. In line with the consumers’ new expectations, the brand put transparency at the core of the Hair Summit, giving out honest information about the way teams of scientists imagine solutions and evaluate product performance to give all types of hair the best possible care. For example, participants were offered a complete hair diagnosis measuring all kinds of things, from the state of their hair surface to their cosmetic habits. Finally, L’Oréal Paris identified the four most commonly asked questions about haircare on the internet and answered them through the creation of four dedicated immersive spaces. How to accelerate hair growth and prevent breakage? How to treat an itchy scalp? What are the benefits of oils? Many ask themselves these kinds of questions, and Hair Summit participants had the chance to get some answers in a very interactive and experiential way. 

A journey into the present and future of Hair 
From on-stage plenary and “Meet the Experts” talks to the immersive space and lab experiences, guests had the chance to learn about the big and exciting topics for Haircare, today and tomorrow. Among them: our knowledge of the incredible structure of hair and the many possibilities derived from bio-inspired chemistry and 4D laser Bio-Printing. Committed to embody the diversity of beauty and beauty needs, L’Oréal Paris gave the 200 participants a preview of the “Hair in 2050”, opening thrilling perspectives for the future.

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Shane Wolf is the worldwide general manager of L’Oréal brands Redken, Pureology, and Mizani, as well as the Founder and “Lead Farmhand” of the mission-driven beauty brand Seed Phytonutrients, a line of hair, skin, and body products that launched in the United States on Earth Day in April 2018.