The iconic French actress, Isabelle Adjani becomes the new L’Oréal Paris spokesperson
L'Oréal Paris

Isabelle Adjani has made her first media appearance for L’Oréal Paris at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.
The actress opened The Worth It Show, where she divulged on her newest role, as an ambassador for beauty that empowers, beauty that speaks out, beauty that speaks to inner confidence.


A national and international icon
Isabelle Adjani is the French screen idol, revered for her incredible capacity to give all of herself to every role.
She’s the most-award-winning French actress being the only to hold five César awards. Isabelle Adjani is two times best actress winner at Cannes and two times nominee for best actress at the Oscars.
A myth in the world’s eyes, seen as disruptive before her time, Isabelle Adjani has simply never compromised. She picks the challenging characters, she brings untold women’s stories to screen, refuses roles that don’t inspire her and doesn’t play the celebrity game by the rules. A free spirit, she’s always lived by the right to be herself, to choose her own path and speak her truth.
Free to take time away from cinema, she’s the epitome of the independence and empowerment L’Oréal Paris champions for all women. Isabelle Adjani lets us see the woman behind the actress.
Freedom in beauty, that’s what L’Oréal Paris brings to my mind. This Parisian brand making beauty of all forms for everyone. With one clear message, everyone is worth it, they make what can be our complicated relationship with the mirror, simple. Freedom of visual expression, freedom to be your own vision of beautiful, without rules.” Isabelle Adjani
Into the 70s, as the world first heard that enigmatic phrase, “I’m Worth it,” and feminism’s second wave revolutionized traditional notions of a woman’s role, and of beauty for the self, the emerging actress navigated her own path as a young woman firmly of this new generation. Freely following her desires, when director François Truffaut offered her a leading role, she chose to return to film instead. Theater would wait.

A voice of conviction
Never approval-seeking, Isabelle Adjani turns the same fearless intelligence with which she seeks out challenging film roles to engage with issues close to hers. She’s supported the antiracism association SOS Racisme and most recently called out the French culture of sexual harassment during #MeToo. With inner strength of conviction, Isabelle Adjani gives women everywhere a powerful ambassador for speaking up and advocating with legitimacy.
Icon is an overused word but what other accolade for Isabelle Adjani? As well as her outstanding body of work, the way she stands up for equality makes her a perfect match for L’Oréal Paris as we champion women’s empowerment. Isabelle represents the Libre French beauty, Parisian style with substance and charismatic elegance. I am very happy to welcome Isabelle Adjani, her intuitive acting genius, her passion for what’s right, and her legendary screen presence, to the L’Oréal Paris family.” Pierre-Emmanuel Angeloglou, L’Oréal Paris Global President.

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