Le Caire : A factory in the desert

Seventy kilometres east of Cairo, spread across 10 hectares of desert, is L’Oréal’s first plant for manufacturing haircolour and haircare products for the Middle Eastern and North African markets.



This site, which opened in May 2013, has produced 50 million units in 2014. Sustainable production was also part of the planning: the building has remarkably effective insulation and was designed to reduce water and electricity consumption. In August 2013, the Cairo plant was the first in Egypt to receive LEED Silver certification.

What is its secret? Capitalising on proven technologies. “L’Oréal built four plants in the space of a few years and we’ve optimised features we’ve used elsewhere, particularly in Kaluga, Russia,” explains David Quetin, Plant Manager. With a similar size, the same catalogue and comparable thermal insulation requirements, the construction of the Cairo plant was mainly inspired by its Russian counterpart. Once the plant is operating at a steady pace, the key environmental focus will be to speed the transition to renewable energies.