L’Oréal Burgos Plant: A Worldwide Referent In Terms Of Sustainability

The first plant of the Group to be CO2 neutral since April 2015

The international Burgos Plant, specialized in producing haircare products, is the Group's world number one in terms of sustainability, the first to be neutral in CO2 emissions since April 2015 and in 2017, it has been the first plant of L’Oréal becoming a “waterloop factory”.

Our Burgos plant has a biomass boiler that meets the plant’s energy needs (electricity, hot water, steam, etc.) which allows all the energy it consumes to be 100% renewable and uses a closed circuit or waterloop system, which recovers and recycles the water from its production phase, which has allowed it to save 10,707 m3 liters of water since then, the equivalent of 3 Olympic swimming pools.

More future perspectives for a more sustainable world

As part of the commitment to zero emissions, the plant has also developed a train and ship corridor to work with its suppliers, which makes it possible to dispense with transport by plane and truck, which is much more polluting, and thus save 20% of emissions.

Our Burgos Plant belongs to the top 5 of the Group's 41 plants, it is an example of the 4.0 factory of the future, which does not understand the integration of new technologies, innovation and digitalization without a sense of both environmental and social sustainability.

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