Episode 2: Christophe Babule - Ensuring that Finance quantifies environmental impact so that it can be mitigated

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In this second episode, Chief Financial Officer Christophe Babule talks about how a Group such as L’Oréal goes about financing its sustainable transition.

He discusses the need to measure the impact of L’Oréal’s activities so that it can be mitigated, and talks us through the major investments planned under the L’Oréal for the Future program, which include a fund to regenerate biodiversity and financial support for associations that stand up for women’s rights.

As an avid sailor and someone who has seen first-hand the effects of pollution and climate warming on the oceans, he opens up during a conversation by the Normandy coast about the ecological events that left an impression on him and stresses the driving role of young people in the response to environmental challenges. His openness and desire to convey this message shine through in his determination to get all of our partners and consumers involved in L’Oréal’s sustainable transformation.

“As a major corporation, we have a responsibility to free up resources to make our sustainability efforts more tangible and more visible.”

Christophe Babule
Chief Financial Officer

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