L'Oréal Podcast Series

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#3: Jean-Claude Le Grand - Human Relations as a Driver of Sustainable Transformation

In this third episode, we follow in the footsteps of Jean-Claude Le Grand, who takes us to the heart of the close connection between human relations and sustainable development.
L'Oréal Group | Commitments | Science & Technology

#1 : Barbara Lavernos – Reinventing the Entire Value Chain in a Sustainable Way

In this first episode, Barbara Lavernos, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, in charge of Research, Innovation and Technology, looks back at her early days with L’Oréal.
L'Oréal Group | Commitments | Finance

#2 : Christophe Babule - Ensuring that Finance Quantifies Environmental Impact so that it Can be mitigated

In this second episode, Chief Financial Officer Christophe Babule talks about how a Group such as L’Oréal goes about financing its sustainable transition.
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Open Air, the podcast about L’Oréal’s commitments

A conversation about the sustainability transformation with the L'Oréal Group’s senior executives.