Open Air, the Podcast about L’Oréal’s Commitments

A conversation about the sustainability transformation with the Group’s senior executives

Faced with today’s unprecedented environmental and social challenges, L’Oréal is accelerating its sustainability transformation and is setting ambitious objectives for 2030. In the Open Air podcast series, the Group’s senior executives takes us back to a symbolic place in their career and their commitment to sustainability. In conversation, they share their beliefs and their vision for the years ahead, and their involvement in L’Oréal for the Future, the Group’s new sustainability program.

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Episode 1: Barbara Lavernos - Reinventing the Entire Value Chain in a Sustainable Way

In this first episode, Barbara Lavernos, Chief Technology and Operations Officer, looks back at her early days with L’Oréal. Convinced of the vital importance of achieving harmony between human life and nature, she explains how the inventiveness of the Operations teams enabled the Group to combine business growth with its ambitious commitments in terms of sustainability and social inclusion.

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Episode 2: Christophe Babule - Ensuring that Finance Quantifies Environmental Impact so that it Can Be Mitigated

In this second episode, Chief Financial Officer Christophe Babule talks about how a Group such as L’Oréal goes about financing its sustainable transition. He discusses the need to measure the impact of L’Oréal’s activities so that it can be mitigated, and talks us through the major investments planned under the L’Oréal for the Future program, which include a fund to regenerate biodiversity and financial support for associations that stand up for women’s rights.

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Episode 3: Jean-Claude Le Grand - Human Relations as a Driver of Sustainable Transformation

In this third episode, we follow in the footsteps of Jean-Claude Le Grand, who takes us to the heart of the close connection between human relations and sustainable development. Our group’s Chief Human Relations Officer shares his beliefs on the role of the collective, “being together” and learning as a vehicle for change. He touches on initiatives like Ethics Day and Citizen Day that illustrate our commitment to being a socially-driven company. 

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