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L’Oréal Professionnel My Hair [iD] Hair Reader

Our First Color Diagnosis Powered with Artificial Intelligence

My Hair [iD] Hair Reader is a unique hair color evaluator analyzer, which uses ultra-precise optics to analyze hair health and measure hair color, including natural color and color on lengths, gray percentage, hair fiber diameter, and in a second step, density. With more precise base color measurement, hair pros can augment the accuracy of their service and coloration results. 

L’Oréal was created upon hair color more than 100 years ago. Client diagnosis remains a central part of the professional experience. However, Colorists still need to find the best mix (manually) by themselves, which can be stressful and sometimes inaccurate, and further, the color is not tracked over time in a precise way. 

Completing the expertise of hair professionals, this technology offers consumers the right hair color every single time. The design is sleek, ergonomic and user-friendly with just one button for easy use. With 5 patents filed internationally, it encapsulates a very highly precise optics system in the head of the device while still providing a cordless, hand fitting and well-balanced product. The embedded tactile screen on the top is an easy and accessible user interface. 

The algorithm has been trained with over 10,000 images from L’Oréal’s internal expertise color experts and classifications to make it capable of diagnosing hair color parameters as well as an expert colorist.

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patents protected and proprietary to L'Oréal



images used to trained the AI Algorithms


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