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AI-powered, hair and scalp smart camera for hairdressers to care better with beauty tech

Introducing Kérastase K-SCAN

As a professional, care-first brand, Kérastase maintains an intimate relationship with the health of the hair and scalp via hairdressers around the world. For the client, having a strong connection with a hairdresser who can properly assess their hair and scalp is an integral part of the luxury haircare experience. From the beginning, Kérastase has been at the forefront of developing tech tools to enhance hair and scalp assessment, with several generations of diagnostic cameras for use in the salon, as well as the first online diagnosis powered by algorithm. Now, after two years of development in L’Oréal research labs, Kérastase introduces K-Scan, a smart camera that allows stylists to offer more precise care, and clients to understand their hair and scalp more deeply by gaining detailed knowledge via microscopic images and AI-powered analysis. 

Powered by three illumination modes (UV, white, and cross-polarized) and AI trained by more than 12,000 images, K-Scan allows stylists to see directly into the scalp, while its companion tablet app offers expert analysis of the scan right in the salon. High-quality before-and-after photos streaming lets clients instantly see the true results of their treatment up close, proving the efficacy of Kérastase backbar services. Meanwhile, the hairdresser can use the information to make more precise personal product recommendations for in-salon treatment and at-home care routines.

K-Scan will be launched as a pilot in Spain and Australia in Q4 2023, before a worldwide rollout in 2024.


The advantages of K-Scan

  • UV light reveals microscopic features such as dandruff and helpful bacteria
  • Cross-polarized light shows subsurface redness and irritation
  • White LED light illuminates surface features
  • Hair and scalp data is sent to an app that uses AI to interpret results
  • More than 12,000 images are used to train the algorithm to provide a precise diagnosis for each scalp type
  • Hairdressers use before-and-after images to prove the efficacy of backbar services
  • Client can choose long-term coaching to track improvement over time, driving them back to the salon to update their hair and scalp health status


Following decades of pioneering innovations and expertise in diagnosis technology, the K-Scan scalp and hair diagnosis tool allows Kérastase to look even closer into the needs and desires of women, backed by real data. This kind of beauty tech innovation gives us the power to care even better, to offer more personalized beauty solutions, powered by science and technology, and to further our mission to build women’s confidence in every way we can. By caring intimately for the scalp and hair, by elevating the Kérastase experience through tech and data, we are able to strengthen our brand promise, You Dare, We Care.

Rosa Carriço, Kérastase Global Brand President

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