Immersion into Biotechnologies in our Novéal sites in France

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Biotechnologies, plants cells, bacteria, Green Sciences...! These words appeal to you, and you are wondering about the link with the world of cosmetics? So, let’s visit our Novéal Biotechnologies sites! 

Novéal, is a development entity, created in 1938 by Eugène Schueller, and an integral part of the L'Oréal Groupe. Our teams are committed to developing eco-responsible processes and sustainable industrialization of the performance ingredients of L’Oréal.
Inspired by nature, ingredients developed at Novéal come from the alliance between Green Sciences and technology. This is how biotechnology gives us access to natural ingredients of interest while preserving the environment.  

Come and meet our Biotechnology R&D team in their laboratory. Let’s discover how we develop responsible processes to produce natural, high-performance cosmetic ingredients in the most respectful culture conditions possible thanks to plant cell culture and bacterial culture. You will learn about how we take up the challenge of obtaining ingredients without pesticides or GMOs and that do not compete with agricultural land.

Come and see how we cultivate our ingredients in 3500 liters-fermenters and encounter our passionate team in Novéal Biotech plant where hygiene, performance and sustainability are the key word driving our production. Without forgetting our commitments for sustainability by meeting our lovely sheep and beehives and we will tell you more about our contribution to preserving the environment and our social commitments. 

Let’s deep into a journey inside Novéal Biotech Lab and factory to discover the way we produce bacteria and plant cells ! 


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