L’Oréal is committed for a Beauty with no animal testing 

We believe that scientific and regulatory advancement of non-animal methods is only possible through multidisciplinary cooperation. 

Our engagements focus on scientific development to develop new non-animal methods, international collaboration, and educational programs to further encourage their acceptance by authorities. 

That is why we actively participate to scientific congresses to share our knowledge and expertise with the scientific community to widespread the use of non-animal methods to all stakeholders. We offer trainings through these occasions. 

This week (Aug 27-31 Canada),the L’Oréal and Episkin R&I teams attended the 12th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences: to showcase our commitments in sharing science of non-animal testing methods. 

They presented their latest advances on the development of non-animal testing methods, through 15 posters, 3 symposiums talk, 1 plenary talk and 1 workshop. 

What is the World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences also called ‘WC’? 



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This Congress is considered as one of the most important scientific meetings of the year in the toxicological field, WC brings together, every three years, more than 800 scientists from different industries, regulatory authorities, NGOs, academia all around the world.  Starting with the 1st edition in 1993, it is the most important event in the promotion and development of non-animal testing methods.  

L’Oréal R&I has been major sponsor of this congress since 2005.As industry leader, it’s our duty to sponsor and participate to the WC congress to promote science for beauty with no animal testing. 



How L’Oréal R&I’s participate? 

As a gold sponsor of the WC12, L’Oréal has a great visibility to support and promote science of non-animal testing methods through scientific speeches and contributions (posters, symposiums, plenary session…) But when it comes to promote a beauty with no animal testing, we want to go further.

Educational program is one of our key pillars in our commitments for beauty with no animal testing. We believe that only by sharing our scientific excellence, that we can widespread the use of non-animal testing methods. 

That’s why we have organized Episkin Academy Training to share our latest OECD validated method, developed under leadership of L’Oréal. The participantst o this training include small companies, testing companies, authorities, and even our competitors.

We also organized career forum and 3 talks focus on science, regulation, and our contribution in LATAM area at L’Oréal booth.

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For beauty with no animal testing

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