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L’Oréal New Zealand Shine Partnership

L’Oréal Groupe in New Zealand announces partnership with Shine New Zealand to support their work to make New Zealand domestic violence free and create safer homes every day.

In 2024, L’Oréal Groupe in New Zealand is proud to partner with Shine New Zealand to support the organisation in their work of creating safer homes in New Zealand every day, by assisting anyone experiencing family violence. This partnership will contribute towards Shine’s programs that specifically aim to help people experience domestic abuse get safe and stay safe.

In New Zealand, the statistics surrounding family violence are alarming. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of family violence in the OECD*. One in three New Zealand women experience physical or sexual abuse from an intimate partner in their lifetime**. This figure rises to 55% when psychological and emotional abuse are taken into account***. New Zealand Police attend a domestic violence incident every 3 minutes****.

Founded in 1990, Shine provides a range of effective, practical and innovative services to achieve their mission to stop family violence in New Zealand. Shine directly helps more than 1000 adults and children every year to become safer, and indirectly helps thousands more through their professional training programmes and health sector partnerships.

“Shine New Zealand is doing such important work on an issue that is more pressing than ever, and we are very pleased to be announcing our partnership. Having a platform to speak to many consumers through our brands is a position we don’t take for granted, and we want to ensure we are using this platform to raise awareness and promote meaningful change in addressing domestic violence and helping make homes safer.” Marnie Carroll, Corporate Affairs & Engagement Director L’Oréal Groupe, Australia and New Zealand

"Shine New Zealand is delighted to receive funding support and staff engagement from L’Oréal Groupe in New Zealand, enabling us to provide essential services for families impacted by family violence in New Zealand. We are so grateful to L’Oréal New Zealand for partnering with Shine to help families in desperate situations to have hope for a brighter future." Grenville Hendricks, General Manager Shine New Zealand.

For More information, please contact: Sarah Harper, Corporate Affairs & Engagement New Zealand | [email protected] | +62 0064 21421500

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