L’Oréal Group signs the Declaration of Inclusion for Refugees and Exiled People

Reinforcing our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

For 20 years, L’Oréal has been formally committed to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and to fighting against all forms of discrimination. On the occasion of World Refugee Day on June 20th, 2022, we are proud to sign the Declaration of Inclusion for Refugees and Exiled People drafted by Utopies and SINGA. In all their diversity, within our Group and in local communities on every continent, people matter at L’Oréal. Read on to learn more about this commitment.

Integrating refugees in the workplace

At L’Oréal, we believe that stronger companies and stronger communities are created when people of every culture, background, identity, and situation are accepted and valued. L'Oréal has been committed to integrating refugees in the workplace since 2017 with various programs conducted worldwide, including our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion teams and Fondation L’Oréal through its Beauty for a Better Life Program.

We are proud to uphold this commitment by joining with Utopies and SINGA as well as other companies, by signing the Declaration of Inclusion for Refugees and Exiled People. Signatories to the declaration commit to taking concrete measures, such as:

  • Changing the representations related to refugees and exiled people and developing a positive culture of interculturality;
  • Accompanying refugees and exiled people towards better employability;
  • Ensuring the proper inclusion of recruited refugees and exiled people or those already present in the workforce.

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Utopies x SINGA

Utopies is France’s leading sustainability consultancy through its consulting work and think tank activities. In 2021, it joined forces with SINGA, an NGO specialized in integrating refugees and exiled people. The partnership seeks to create opportunities for meetings and exchanges between locals and new arrivals such as refugees and asylum seekers. The goal is to shift mentalities on migration and turn the challenge of integrating refugees and exiled people into an opportunity for businesses and the economy.

L'Oréal, member of the TENT Partnership for Refugees

In 2019 L'Oréal joined the Tent Partnership for Refugees, a non-profit organization that mobilizes 150 businesses worldwide to integrate refugees in their host communities. The purpose of this network is to share best practices and put teams worldwide in touch with NGOs specialized in enabling refugees to get back into the workplace. In 2020, the Group joined the Tent Business Council.

Recently, L’Oréal’s commitment through TENT has included:

  • Hiring and Training: In 2022, L’Oréal joined the Tent Coalition for Afghan Refugees, committing to explore hiring and training opportunities for Afghans in the U.S. L’Oréal has also provided a number of highly-skilled refugees with six-month internships in France – these led to six fixed-term contracts and five permanent contracts – and in Germany as part of its INTERNgration project. In addition, L‘Oréal has created a one-year program for refugees in the Netherlands to train to become hairdressers.
  • Mentorship: In 2021, L’Oréal committed to mentoring 50 refugee women in France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands over three years.

L’Oréal France: making a difference with PLACE

Since 2020, L’Oréal France has been supporting students from PLACE – a European collective that aims to show how migration is a source of innovation for society – in a variety of ways, including coaching sessions, master classes, paid six-month placements and a mentoring program. Students are paired up with L'Oréal employees and meet twice a month during the program to get ready for job interviews, learn about best practices and gain a better insight into corporate culture. After eight months of training, students receive a certificate that is certified by L’Oréal and Ecole des Ponts Business School. This partnership has already borne fruit, with:

  • 17 student/manager pairs;
  • Seven talks by business line experts;
  • Two job datingevents;
  • Five hires on six-month placements (in marketing and HR).

Our solidarity plan in Ukraine

Given the magnitude of what people are facing on the ground, our intention is to provide as much support as we can - to our employees still in Ukraine, our employees who have left or are leaving the country and the Ukrainian people.

Our employees around the world and particularly those in neighbouring countries are actively participating in relief efforts, and in response to their wish to express their solidarity to their Ukrainian colleagues, we have started a global employee fund raising campaign and volunteering program.

We are working with local and international NGOs (e.g., Red Cross), in addition to United Nations agencies (such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and UNICEF), through donations of up to 5 million euros. We have already distributed 250,000 essential care and hygiene products and will continue to provide additional products in the coming weeks.

Migration has always been a powerful factor in the circulation of techniques and knowledge. Because no person should be limited to their exiled status, at L’Oréal, we are proud to be part of changing things, to support this cause and provide the visibility that it deserves. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion fuel the creativity that in turn helps us to create the beauty that moves the world.

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