Dans Ma Peau: Skin, a fabulous ecosystem.

Skin is an ecosystem in its own right. This resilient organ can adapt to its surrounding environment, maintaining our equilibrium and ensuring the protection of our bodies.

An ecosystem is the sum of all the living organism that interact in a system. One of the defining characteristics of an ecosystem is resilience – the ability to recover from a shock. Like a forest after a fire, a healthy ecosystem must be able to bounce back.

On the surface of our skin, lives an invisible layer of billions of microorganisms, microbes, bacteria, fungi that interact with their environment. This ecosystem that we carry with us every day of our lives, like any other, must be resilient. It must be able to recover from shocks like sunburn and dehydration.

Laurent Gilbert, ecologist, delivers us a fascinating interview that you will find above.

Ecologist by conviction and chemist by training, Laurent Gilbert is committed to sustainable innovation; innovation that responds to environmental and social issues. He is inspired by the ability of living systems to renew themselves in all of their infinite complexity.


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