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L'Oréal's Collaborative Breakthrough in 3D Bioprinted Skin Models with University of Oregon

L'Oréal’s scientists from Advanced Research have partnered with the University of Oregon to pioneer the first successful development of an artificial skin model closely resembling natural human skin. This innovation represents a significant step forward in the field of tissue engineering.
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L’Oréal at CES 2024

As always, the 2024 edition was held in Las Vegas, though this edition was unique in that L'Oréal had the privilege of opening the show. It was the first time a beauty company had been invited to give the keynote speech at a CES event
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R&I North America Strengthens L’Oréal’s Open Innovation Strategy

L’Oréal’s North America Research & Innovation (R&I) team recently strengthened its relationship with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by signing a membership agreement with the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP), which will further connect L’Oréal with the North American innovation ecosystem and help pioneer new territories.
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Our first model of reconstructed vascularized skin awarded by the ifscc

In this edition on the theme "Beauty and Happiness - Pushing Boundaries", L'Oréal was under the spotlights with 7 podiums, 34 selected posters, and the prestigious award on Applied Research.
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31st IFSCC Congress: Pushing the boundaries of science

The history of the IFSCC is closely linked the L’Oréal Group as we believe in the same idea that science is a driver of innovation in cosmetics.
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Dans Ma Peau : When sun meets skin

Skin is the boundary that separates our interior from the harmful effects of the outside world, especially those of the sun.
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Dans Ma Peau: Skin, a fabulous ecosystem.

Skin is an ecosystem in its own right. This resilient organ can adapt to its surrounding environment, maintaining our equilibrium and ensuring the pro …
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Discover the future of beauty with L'Oréal at Vivatech 2019

From the 16th to 18th May, Paris is set to be the centre of the tech world with over one hundred thousand people attending VivaTech. As a company that …
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Dans Ma Peau: An illuminating journey into the heart of the skin.

Even as the biggest organ of the body, the skin is still rife with mysteries. Multiphoton imaging is one way to unlock these secrets.
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Dans Ma Peau: Skin throughout the ages.

The perception of skin has evolved throughout the ages and differs according to culture. However, it is, and always has been, a universal reflection o …
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