Dans Ma Peau : When sun meets skin

Skin is the boundary that separates our interior from the harmful effects of the outside world, especially those of the sun.

Even at 150 million kilometers from Earth, the sun has an effect on our health. The impacts of solar radiation are very varied: from tanning to sunburn, from freckles or moles to signs of premature aging, and, in serious cases, even cancer.

Skin is the first barrier that protects the human body from the sun's rays. And every day, our exposure to solar light leaves traces on our skin, according to the intensity and type of UV rays to which we are subjected. Every day, we write a new chapter in the story of our skin and the sun.

On this occasion, Françoise Bernerd, photobiologist, shares her expertise of the skin through a fascinating interview that you will find above. Françoise Bernerd has devoted her career to studying the cellular, biochemical and molecular effects of the sun, the photoprotection of sunscreens and the pigmentation of the skin.

Want to learn more about the skin? Rendez-vous from March 13 to June 3, 2019 at the Musée de l'Homme in Paris for an immersive journey – mixing sensory experiences, projections and novel devices – that takes us to the depths of our skin.

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