Dans Ma Peau: An illuminating journey into the heart of the skin.

Even as the biggest organ of the body, the skin is still rife with mysteries. Multiphoton imaging is one way to unlock these secrets.

Before the advent of multiphoton imaging, the idea that we could travel inside the skin was just a fantasy. Today, this technique has completely revolutionized skin research, notably in cosmetics. It offers the benefits of a biopsy without having to cut the skin.

Ana-Maria Pena, microscopist, tells us more about this revolutionary technique, through a fascinating interview that you will find above. Her research focuses on the application of FLIM multiphoton microscopy to the study of 3D skin and the monitoring of response dynamics related to the application of assets or physical stimuli.

As a non-invasive technique that allows a 3D skin visualization, multiphoton imaging gives us access to a diversity and quantity of information that was previously inaccessible with older techniques. Moreover, we are only at the beginning of these discoveries ... As Ana-Maria Pena says: "Skin is like a galaxy, that has not yet revealed all of its secrets".

Want to learn more about the skin? Rendez-vous from March 13 to June 3, 2019 at the Musée de l'Homme in Paris for an immersive journey – mixing sensory experiences, projections and novel devices – that takes us to the depths of our skin.

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