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L’Oréal at CES® 2024

Discover how we're shaping the future of beauty.

Organized by the Consumer Technology Association, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the most prestigious trade shows on the calendar and a fantastic opportunity to showcase the latest developments in consumer technology. As always, the 2024 edition was held in Las Vegas, though this edition was unique in that L'Oréal had the privilege of opening the show. It was the first time a beauty company had been invited to give the keynote speech at a CES event.

The beauty sector takes center stage

Highlighting the beauty sector's pivotal role in developing new and innovative consumer technologies, Nicolas Hieronimus, L'Oréal's Chief Executive Officer, took to the stage to give the opening keynote address. "At L'Oréal, we believe technology can expand the limits of what is possible, help improve the lives of consumers around the world, and meet individuals' infinite beauty needs and aspirations", he explained.


 Beauty Genius AI technology is the future of beauty

To illustrate this, Nicolas Hieronimus demonstrated L'Oréal's new Beauty Genius technology. Leveraging AI technology to deliver beauty advice, skin diagnostics, and personalized products, Beauty Genius also enables consumers to try recommended products virtually. From testing various shades of lipstick, foundation, and eyeshadow to sampling skin and hair care products, the technology empowers individuals by helping them to make informed purchasing decisions.

Noting the beauty sector’s diverse, ever-expanding product range can be confusing, Nicolas Hieronimus argued that L’Oreal’s industry expertise and extensive data sets ensure it is perfectly positioned to improve the customer experience. “70% of consumers feel overwhelmed by the number of products available”, he began. “We have the richest database in the world, covering every aspect of beauty, from skin and hair care knowledge to formula science, popular beauty routines, and consumer communication".


L'Oréal technology wins big at CES 2024

In total, L'Oréal won eight awards at this year's CES Innovation Awards and unveiled a host of new products and technologies. Award winners included Colorsonic, a home coloring appliance that delivers professional-looking results. Actress Eva Longoria joined Nicolas Hieronimus and Barbara Lavernos on stage to extol its virtues and discuss the product’s many benefits.

In the Digital Imaging and Photography category, Skin Screen by Lancôme provides users with a simple and streamlined way to perform a skin diagnosis and refine their skincare routine for the best possible results. Scent-Sation, an experiment that links neurological responses to fragrance preferences using a neuroscience-based multi-sensor headset, also impressed and received a CES award.

Technological innovation facilitates a more inclusive beauty sector

Barbara Lavernos, L'Oréal’s Executive Vice President, also took to the stage at CES 2024. Stressing how “the future of beauty must be fully inclusive and made more accessible through technology", she presented another L’Oréal innovation - HAPTA by Lancôme. Originally debuting at CES 2023, HAPTA by Lancôme is a hand-held make-up applicator for users with limited arm and hand mobility. It was revealed alongside L’Oréal’s 3D SHU:BROW device, an electronic home eyebrow make-up applicator that sculpts eyebrows to the user's face shape. Both technologies were recognized at last year’s show with innovation awards.

Focus on Our latest innovations

L’Oréal is focused on inventing the future of beauty and becoming a Beauty Tech powerhouse. To do so, we are always innovating. Here are our latest breakthroughs.

Building on our tech-centric heritage

The L’Oréal Group has been a regular attendee at CES since 2017 and has won several awards in recent years. This includes awards for game-changing technologies, such as Perso and L’Oreal Water Saver. While the former is an AI-powered system that creates bespoke home skincare routines and designs personalized cosmetic formulas, the latter transforms the hair-washing experience with water optimization technology and specially designed hair care products that flow directly into the water stream. Rouge Sur Mesure by Yves Saint Laurent was also a notable past winner. It employs artificial intelligence to enable users to recreate thousands of lipstick shades at home in just a few minutes.

Since 2022, the following products have won CES Innovation Awards:

2024 :

2023 :


L'Oréal innovation is the future of beauty

The L’Oréal Group believes technological innovation is central to the beauty sector’s continued growth and an essential means of providing consumers with the products and experiences they need and demand. The Group’s success at CES 2024 demonstrates that this commitment to innovation results in industry-leading products that improve access, promote greater consumer confidence, ad set new standards for performance in the beauty sector.

As an established beauty tech pioneer, L'Oréal will continue to innovate and work to realize its motto: "Seize the moment". The L'Oréal Group also looks forward to returning to CES in 2025.

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