L’Oréal Paris Colorsonic

Intelligent hair color technology: The only haircolor device of its kind

Introducing L'Oreal Paris Colorsonic

Only the inventor of hair color could reinvent it.

To celebrate L’Oréal's 115 years, Colorsonic, the next generation of at-home hair color, is launching in 2024.

L'Oréal Colorsonic is the 1st haircolor device of its kind. It makes hair color easier by automatically mixing and depositing formula right at the root delivering long-lasting salon-like hair color at home.

The best color of your life is now as easy as brushing your hair. You just press a button, and Colorsonic does the rest. In every stroke, the device: 

  • Automatically freshly mixes colorant and developer (perfect 1:1 ratio). 

  • Parts the hair while applying, saturating every strand – even hard-to-reach areas like the back of your head. 

  • Bristles move 300 times per minute to evenly distribute color - smart bristles adjust their speed to perfectly deposit the right amount of formula for all hair types.

Along with the device, Colorsonic brings L'Oreal Paris's 1st multi-usage hair color cartridge - what you don’t use, you can save for the next time. One color cartridge can provide one full head application or three root retouches. Our palette of over 20 expertly crafted shades is free of ammonia, silicones, parabens, sls, sles, and phthalates. Always full of shine, hydration, and conditioning.


L'Oréal Paris Colorsonic, brilliantly engineered hair color technology. Fast, easy. Mistake-free. For all.

Colorsonic is a technology in the making for over 9 years. It has been fully developed and incubated by L'Oréal and is already celebrated on Time Magazine Invention list, CES Best of Innovation Award Honoree, and is protected with over 20 patents.

How to use it in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Pick your shade.
  2. Pop in the multi-use color cartridge.
  3. Press for color and brush it into your hair. The device does the rest.
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